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FSF Series(for NFC/Wireless Charger/RFID)

FSF Series(for NFC/Wireless Charger/RFID)


FSF Series (for NFC, Wireless Charger, RFID)

FSF Series is a thin flexible sintered ferrite sheet, which suppresses the effect of metals to improve communication of several applications, for example NFC, RFID device and wireless charger due to high magnetic permeability.

  • High Magnetic Permeability
    Improve properties of devices, for example increase distance of communication for several applications. FSF131 and FSF151 have relatively high μ' (about 130 - 150) and low μ'' at 13.56MHz, which improves performance of NFC and RFID devices. FSF201 and FSF501 have relatively high μ' (about 200 - 500) and low μ'' at 100-200kHz, which improves performance of wireless charger.

  • Thin flexible ferrite sheets
    Our thin ferrite sheet is laminated with sintered ferrite ceramics, PET film and adhesive tape. A slit formation enables the laminated ferrite sheets to be flexible. Yet, it still retains relatively high μ’ and low μ” at a tuned range of frequency, thus it is suitable for compact mobile devices.


NFC system, Wireless charger, RFID system



Permeability Characteristics Examples

  • fsf_03_en
  • fsf_04_en

FSF Series part number system


Part Number FSF131 FSF151 FSF201 FSF501
Permeability(µ’) 130 (at 13.56[㎒]) 150 (at 13.56[㎒]) 200 (at 13.56[㎒]) 500 (at 100[㎒])
Operating temp. range -40~+85°C
Standard ferrite thickness[㎛] 100 , 200 , 300
Standard Pet,AD thickness[㎛] 0.1㎜、0.14㎜、0.26㎜

(For permeability, dimension, tape thickness and so on, please contact us for further information)

FSF series standard size list

・ Original fabric
Part number size original fbric size Effective guarantee size
L size[㎜] W size[㎜] L size[㎜] W size[㎜]
5060 50.0 60.0 Min.44.0 Min.54.0
5267 52.0 67.0 Min.46.0 Min.60.0
6565 65.0 65.0 Min.58.0 Min.58.0
5280 52.0 80.0 Min.46.0 Min.73.0
6780 67.0 80.0 Min.60.0 Min.73.0

※ Because it becomes the supply in original fabric, it becomes the guarantee at effective guarantee size.

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