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DPM Series

DPM Series


DPM Series
DPM series is the impedance device aiming to reduce the number of parts and total cost of peripheral parts of digital audio power amplification. Small signal distortion is realized by optimization of materials and structures.
  • The distortion percentage is equal to its of the LC filter (DPM02).

  • It is applicable with Filterless of the 30W (max.) power amplification because of big permissible current.

  • These products conform to the RoHS Directive.


Filters for Audio power amplifiers of Digital TV, slot machine and audio equipment

Equivalent circuit


  • Dimensions

Part Number List, Specifications

Part number Impedance
(Ωat 100MHz)
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
DC Resistance
Operating Temp.
DPM02 65±25% 30 5 5 -40~+85
DPM03 100±25% 30 5 5 -40~+85

Impedance Frequency Characteristics

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