Feed Through EMI Filters (SMD)

Feed Through EMI Filters (SMD Type) consists of MARUWA's feed through ceramic capacitors which hardly allows residual inductance and ferrite core. Ceramics and metal structures give better heat resistance and higher reliability. Can be used for large current circuit due to the feed through structure (DC resistance is extremely low).




Automotive electronics, Base station for mobile telephone, Microwave transmission, Test equipment, Medical devices, Industrial meter, DC power supply lines and signal lines for DC-DC converter, etc.

Power source module for high-frequency power source/ base station AMP, DC power line of digital appliances/laptop PC/OA equipments, DC power source of industrial electric appliances, such as automotive appliances/measurement machines/ robots/ FA appliances, etc.

Power source (ex. the switching power supply, the DC-DC converter), DC power line of the laptop computer/ OA equipments, DC power line of the industrial electronic devices (ex. robot, FA equipments)

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