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Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic Sheets

MARUWA's high-performance magnetic sheet is laminated with sintered ferrite ceramics, PET film and adhesive tape to form flexible ferrite sheets with relatively high μ’ and low μ” at a tuned range of frequency. Improved performance/increased distance of communication of the RFID, NFC device and wireless charger.

Noise suppression usage Attenuation of unnecessary radiation wave by the high permeability and high loss magnetic sheet(FLEX‒μ)

As for FSF131,FSF151,FSF201,FSF501,the decrement effect of the unnecessary radiation wave is expected in the following frequency bandwidth.

Part number FSF131 FSF151 FSF201 FSF501
Frequency bandwidth[㎒] 30~100 30~100 10~100 5~100
Standard ferrite thickness[µ] 100 , 200 , 300
Standard Pet,AD thickness[µ] 10 , 20 , 30

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