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Small and thin NFC antenna(Compatible with metal environments)

Small and thin NFC antenna(Compatible with metal environments)


NFC antenna
Because our company is possible of design according to an installation space and a metallic environment , please contact.


NFC, Reader / Writer antenna module

NFC antenna module (standard)

8×22㎜ 8×28㎜ 14×22㎜ 14×35㎜
Externals sarantel-antenna_02_en sarantel-antenna_03_en sarantel-antenna_04_en sarantel-antenna_05_en
Layer structure positio sarantel-antenna_06_en sarantel-antenna_07_en sarantel-antenna_08_en sarantel-antenna_09_en
Communications distance(Metalless reference level) 25㎜ 28㎜ 28㎜ 35㎜

Standard Total thickness:Max.0.5㎜

NFC Forum Analog Specification evaluation support

  • NFC Forum Analog Spec test evaluation( Reference Polling Device )

  • Communication distance examination evaluation with the customer actual machine (Smart Phone and Reference Polling Device)

  • Load modulation evaluation of the EMVCo card emulation

  • Power Transfer measurement of R/W

  • The design suggestion of the custom antenna by the simulation is possible according to a metallic environment.


Precautions for use

  • Storage

    • Keep it away from direct sun shine. Keep it in the place where the temperature is under 40℃ and humidity of less than 70%RH.

  • When you cut the product in a shape by your self

    • It is possible to get burr on the side of product or ceramic powder when you cut this product into specific shapes by mold or cutting equipment. Please be careful that depending on where you mount the product but these burr and powder might have influence on machinery function.

  • Characteristics value guarantee

    • The values on this catalog is guaranteed only when the product is measured by itself. Please evaluate and confirm the actual value in mounted condition prior to actual use.

  • Others

    • Information on this catalog such as name and specification might be changed without notification , so please contact our sales offices for updated information.

    • Prior to use, please request specification and confirm the content.

    • If industrial property problem with the third party happened, unless it is related to our products’ structure and manufacturing, please understand that we will not have any responsibility with the issue.

    • If this product is relevant to strategic materials by the regulation of foreign currency and foreign trade management, when you ship the product out of Japan you will need the shipment permission from the government of Japan due to the law.

Environmental hazardous substance information

Environmental hazardous substances below are not used in FLEX-μ

  • (1)Substances that are restricted by RoHS

    • Lead and its compounds

    • Mercury and its compounds

    • Cadmium and its compounds

    • Hexavalent chromium compounds

    • PBB(Polybrominated biphenyl)kind

    • PBDE(Poly brominated biphenyl either)kind

  • (2)Ozone depleting substances

    • CFC(Chlorofluorocarbon)

    • Halon

    • Carbon tetrachloride

    • 1.1.1-Trichloroethane

    • HCFC(Hydrochlorofluorocarbon)

    • HBFC(Hydrobromofluorocarbons)

    • Methyl bromide

  • (3)Other environmental hazardous substances

    • PCB(Polychlorinated biphenyls)kind

    • Polychloronaphtha-lene kind

    • Hexachlorobenzen

    • Organotins(Tributyltin kind , TPT kind)

    • Asbestos

    • Azo compounds

    • Chloroparaffin kind

    • Radioactive material

    • PVC

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