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CTH Series(High current type for high frequency)

CTH Series(High current type for high frequency)


CTH Series
Feed through Capacitors are ideal for high frequency noise reduction of large current circuits. The structure is simple; multilayer electrodes which are low resistance are formed on dielectric ceramics. The structure will hardly allow residual inductance, and the self resonant frequency extends to the microwave band. The multilayer electrode structure excels in solder heat resistance and solderability.
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Automotive electronics, Base station for mobile telephone, Microwave transmission, Test equipment, Medical devices, Industrial meter, DC power supply lines and signal lines for DC-DC converter, etc.

Equivalent circuit

CTH Series


  • CTH Series
  • Unit: ㎜
    Type L W T L1
    CTH20 2.0±0.2 1.25±0.2 1.25±0.2 0.2±0.1
    CTH30 3.2±0.2 1.6±0.2 1.6±0.2 0.3±0.2
    CTH32 3.2±0.2 2.5±0.2 2.5±0.2 0.3±0.2

Part Number System

CTH Series

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