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Sarantel Antenna

Sarantel Antenna

Varied Types Of Antenna - Compact Size, High Performance, Multiband, ACTIVE, PASSIVE, etc.
Are you wondering if there's GNSS antenna with a particular performance? MARUWA can offer you a good variety of product lineup for GNSS Antenna by using its long time experience & expertise for ceramic technology. MARUWA's antenna can be used in a lot of different applications, design concepts and we meet customers' varied requirements.

Features for Sarantel Antenna

Helical Conformation is applied to MARUWA's Dielectric Ceramic and our antenna has 4 features as follows.

  • 1. Wide Beam-width

  • 2. Jamming-Resistant

  • 3. Insusceptible to human body

  • 4. Compact Size

1. Wide Beam-width

Due to its wide beam-width, Sarantel Antenna can be attached at any angles.

2. Jamming-Resistant

When receiving radio waves in the gap between buildings or trees, antenna receive signals from satellites and signals reflected by interference. In case of GPS, it calculate the location by using distance from the satellite. The actual signals from satellite and reflected signals are different in the route and if antenna recognizes both are correct signals, the result may become inaccurate. As Sarantel Antennas are designed to receive the signals from satellite more strongly and less strongly to the reflected signals, they are jamming-resistant and calculate the location very precisely.

3. Insusceptible to human body

Sarantel Antenna demonstrates high interference resistance. The chart on right hand side shows feature of "Return Loss";

  • Case 1: Free space only for antennas without the mobile device

  • Case 2: Antenna placed in the mobile device and holding it by hand

  • Case 3: Antenna placed in the mobile device and holding it by hand and close to human body

As Sarantel Antenna does not get interfered by human body, it shows high performance and feature.

4. Compact Size

Compact size is realized by using its high Q dielectric Ceramic.

MARUWA' Technology

We can support fast development with our simulation technology and measuring facility.

Varied Lineup to meet your requirement


Application GPS L1/L2 GPS
Series/Part No. Active Active Active Active PASSIVE PASSIVE
MHJ-1401E MHJ-1401F MHK-1568A MHC-1575G MHB-1575A MHA-1575A
Outer Size [mm] (max) Φ19.6X75 Φ19.6X60 Φ14.8X43.4 Φ14.8X42.6 Φ10.0X22 Φ7.1X16.5
Cover Band L1,L2,G1,B1,E1 L1,L2,G1,B1,E1 L1,B1,E1,G1 L1 (B1,E1,G1) L1 (B1,E1,G1) L1 (B1,E1,G1)
Directionality[deg] (typ) 115(L2)
115 135 135 135
GAIN[dBic] @zenith (typ) 27(L2)
27 25 -3.0
LNA[dB] (typ) 30
- -
Type dual dual single single single single
Output Type SMA-male SMA-male PCB PCB 3-pin PCB
RTK applied
Data sheet show pdf show pdf show pdf show pdf show pdf show pdf

* Product property above are representative value.


Application Iridium Iridium Certus
Series/Part No. Passive Passive Passive Passive Passive Passive
MHF-1621B MHF-1621A MHF-1621D MHE-1621A MHE-1621B MHL-1621C
Outer Size[mm] (max) Φ18.5X44.6 Φ14.6X42.6 Φ14.0X37.5 Φ14.6X27.3 Φ14.0X22 Φ23.0X60
Cover Band (typ) Iridium Iridium Iridium Iridium Iridium Iridium
Directionality[deg] (typ) 135 135 135 135 135 190
GAIN[dBic] @zenith (typ) 2.0 2.0 2.0 -0.5 -0.5 2.0
Output Type SMA-male SMA-male U-FL SMA-male U-FL SMA-male
Data sheet show pdf show pdf show pdf show pdf show pdf show pdf

* Product property above are representative value.

Do you have issues with following problems?

  • question

    "Wish to have antenna, which can receive the signal in different angled position"

    All Antennas

    Sarantel Antenna can receive signal at leaned angles.

  • question

    "Wish for water-proof / dust-proofing antenna"


    Sarantel Antennas meet MIL Standard and they are "robust"

  • question

    "Wish for antennas which don't pick noise too much."

    All Antennas

    2 layered fillter is applied at LNA, which gives Jamming-Resistant effect. They don't get affected by temperature due to constant current circuit

  • question

    "Want to know how to attach antenna with image"

    All Antennas

    We have application instruction.Please feel free to ask any question such as adjusting frequency etc.

Sample image for attaching antenna

  • Attaching imange - outer attachment

    Antenna can be seen from outside of finished product

    In case of Radome option, you don't need to worry about the frequency decline affect by device case when you design.

  • Attaching imange - inner attachment

    Antenna cannot be seen from outside of finished product

    You have to consider the frequency decline affect by the device case.

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