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CVX Series

CVX Series


CVX Series
They are for automotive equipments. The zinc oxide material ensures excellent nonlinearity and response. Support for automotive electronics EMC standard (ISO7637-2) and JASO transient voltage test (Type A, A-1). They are compact and high energy type. Can be surface mounted. Operating temperature range : -40℃~+125℃.


Protection of automotive electronics from inductive lightning surge, Protection of various semiconductor elements from over-voltage, Protection of various equipments from inductive lightning surge, Absorption of switching surge and electrostatic surge for relays, horns, and motors.


CVX Series


  • Dimensions
  • Unit: ㎜
    Type EIA Symbol L W T Max. L1,L2
    CVX80 2220 5.7±0.3 5.2±0.3 4.5 0.8±0.3
    CVX85 2620 6.5±0.3 5.2±0.3 5.5 0.8±0.3

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