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Voltage Controlled Oscillators

Voltage Controlled Oscillators


MARUWA has developed the Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO) by applying the ceramic technologies which we have cultivated for many years. Our advantage is that we have integrated production processes from raw material process by using own dielectric ceramics (coaxial resonators). VCO can be customized, such as extremely small size model, high CN model (using own coaxial resonator), etc.


Mobile phone, Base Station, Transceiver , Wireless microphone, ISM band


  • Series Size(㎜) Frequency
    MVZ 3.2×4.5×1.3 200MHz ~ 4GHz
    MVF 4.0×5.0×1.5 700MHz ~ 2.5GHz
    MVY 4.8×5.5×1.6 100MHz ~ 6GHz *
    MVN 6.0×8.0×1.6 700MHz ~ 4GHz
    MVE 7.0×9.0×2.0 100MHz ~ 6GHz *
    MVW 8.0×9.8×4.5 800MHz ~ 2.5GHz
    MVU 10.4×11.9×3.8 50MHz ~ 2.5GHz *
    MVS 10.4×15.1×3.8 50MHz ~ 1GHz *
    MVH 12.7×12.7×2.5 100MHz ~ 3GHz

    * Analog modulation possible.

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