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CNG Series

CNG Series


CNG Series
These Chip Type 3-terrminal capacitors are best for noise reduction of DC Power lines. Technologies of multilayer chip type ceramic capacitors have been applied to this 3-terminal structures, and they support surface mount technlogies. Can use large current priority (A-B input-output ) or high frequency characteristic priority (C-D input-output ) properly based on your needs.


Noise reduction for DC power line (computer, TV, digital equipments, etc.)


CNG Series

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CNG Series


  • CNG Series
  • Unit: ㎜
    Type L W T L1 L2
    CNG41 4.5±0.3 1.6±0.3 1.0±0.3 0.3±0.2 2.8±0.2

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CNG Series

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