Our company name "MARUWA" contains the meaning "Everyone combining efforts in harmony". Also, it has a meaning of team work, connection, and KIZUNA between people. The blue color of MARUWA logo stands for "HOPE".

We value people.
We consider that a company continuously grows by valuing personality and strength of individuals. We dedicate our best effort on the daily activity, wishing that our growth will lead to happiness of people.

In recent years, the importance of the environment has become critical. MARUWA ceramic products and technology is environmental friendly, and we are responsible to meet expectations and requirements for new regulations. We are very happy to help people in society and assist towards a green environment as a result of our effort.

Company Motto

Always be professional,
Never satisfied with the status quo.

Basic Principle

The three roots of our trunk:

Advancement of the company
Welfare of the workforce
Satisfaction of the shareholders

Quality Policy

-Establish customer through quality management
It is the MARUWA staff's commitment to be a unique 'quality-first'
manufacturer to meet the changing market needs.

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