Basic Sustainability Policy

MARUWA means working together in harmony. As our name suggests, MARUWA has had a corporate culture that values human relationships since its founding and is the starting point for our sustainability activities. To be a company that earns people's trust, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities faithfully under our sustainability policy.

Sustainability Policy

Aiming to Achieve the Happiness of Both Society and the Company

MARUWA has been perfecting its distinctive technological skills in fine ceramic mass production since its founding in 1973. Every one of our employees works hard with our corporate philosophy in mind, seeking to provide environmentally friendly products.
At the same time, we are fully aware of our corporate social responsibility, and adhere to compliance. Based on this, the MARUWA Group believes that society and corporate activities are interrelated as part of the same vision for the future. We aim to achieve a balance between "environmental improvement and cost reduction," "earning profits for the company and returning profits to society," and "happiness for the company and happiness for employees and shareholders."

Together with our Stakeholders

Fulfilling Our Required Responsibilities Without Fail

The business activities of the MARUWA Group are carried out in relationships with various stakeholders. We fulfill our responsibilities to each of our stakeholders.

  • Customers

    We strive to improve customer satisfaction by consistently delivering goods with excellent features and quality based on the principle of quality first. We also prioritize product safety, aim to adequately disclose safety-related information, and provide sincere support and responses to customer requests.

  • Local Communities

    We respect the culture and customs of each country's society and region, and engage in social contribution activities which support culture and the arts. We also proactively engage in global environmental conservation activities through our business.

  • Shareholders and Investors

    We work to maintain and improve our corporate value by appropriately returning profits to our shareholders and investors. We disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner to maintain our accountability.

  • Suppliers

    Our providers are chosen based on fair and reasonable criteria. We value relationships of trust, exchange opinions with each other, and aim for mutual prosperity.

  • Employees

    We consider occupational health and safety, and ensure a comfortable working environment. We also respect human rights, diversity and support each employee in reaching his or her full potential.

  • Global Environment

    We proactively engage in global environmental conservation activities to realize a sustainable society. By minimizing waste and reaching zero emissions, we support company actions that are in harmony with the global environment.