Investor Relations


Disclosure Policy & Indemnification

Disclosure Methods

MARUWA discloses information in accordance with the timely disclosure regulations established by the Tokyo and the Nagoya stock exchanges on which our shares are listed. The disclosure of information is made via TD-net (the timely disclosure network provided by the Tokyo stock exchange) as well as the other networks managed by the Nagoya stock exchange or overseas stock exchanges.

Disclosed information should be made available on this website as soon as possible. Also in the disclosure of any information which is not under the timely disclosure regulations, MARUWA is committed to provide such information to public investors as accurately and fairly as possible in an appropriate manner consistent with the purposes of timely disclosure.


It is the purpose of this website to provide financial data and management information of MARUWA for investors. We neither commit ourselves to nor guarantee its contents.

Although disclosed information should be posted on this website as soon as possible, some information may not be available on it at the moment due to a delay in update.

Forward-looking statements concerning business results contained in the information available on this website represent MARUWA’s forecasts based on the currently available information, and include potential risks and uncertainties. We are not responsible for any losses caused by viewing this website since actual results may differ significantly from those forecasts due to various factors. In addition, we are under no obligation to revise and disclose the future prospects previously posted on this website with newly acquired information or future events.

MARUWA updates information on this website deliberately. Please note that we are not responsible for any losses caused by misinformation, falsification of data by the third party or downloading of data for any reason.

Also, the contents of this website have no purpose of soliciting investors to buy or sell the shares of MARUWA. Decision-making concerning investing activities is at your own risk.

Quiet Period

MARUWA observes a quiet period from the day after the end of each fiscal quarter until financial results for each quarter are publicly released. During the quiet period, we will not disclose any information or make comments concerning business results. In case that we expect actual results may differ significantly from the forecasts announced previously, we will issue a press-release.