Investor Relations


Basic information

Basic Information

(as of March 31, 2024)

Stock code 5344
Stock Exchange Tokyo, Nagoya, London, Singapore
End of Fiscal Year March 31
Schedule Voting rights for General Meeting, March 31
Year-end dividend, March 31
Mid-term dividend, September 30
Annual Shareholders' Meeting In June
Number of Shares per Unit 100
Number of Shares Authorized: 26,000,000
Issued: 12,372,000
Number of Shareholders 2,327
Methods of Public Notice Public Notice is issued electronically.
However, in the case of accident or any other unavoidable reasons which company public notice cannot be issued occur, the public notice will be issued with the Nikkei.
*The balance sheet and profit - and - loss statement are disclosed on the EDINET (the network system which disclose documents based on Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, such as securities report), in place of earnings announcement.

Dividend-on-Stock Information