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CNA Series

CNA Series


CNA Series
CNA series are an array type capacitors which 4 elements of 3-terminal capacitors set inside of one chip of 3216 size. They are effective on cost reduction of mounting and space-saving for 3-terminal capacitors on signal lines. They are designed to control cross talk. The common gland electrode built in a chip ensures complete grounding of all lines at the gland on both ends.


Noise reduction for signal line (Computer, TV, mobile phone, etc.)

Equivalent circuit

CNA Series


  • CNA Series
  • Unit: ㎜
    Type L W T L1 L2 P
    CNA30 3.2±0.2 1.6±0.2 0.7±0.2 0.4±0.2 0.8±0.2 0.8±0.1

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CNA Series

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