Ceramic Hermetic Seals

In recent years, there has been a strong need for components that are used in electronic devices to be applicable in high-vacuum ranges, and to have a high degree of fineness and precision.
As this trend continues, the materials used in products have been shifting from resin and glass to ceramics, in order to respond to the need for improved quality.
MARUWA's ceramic hermetic seals use ceramics (AL203, etc.) as the insulating hermetic materials and maintain airtightness in high-vacuum ranges, so they eliminate concerns about aging deterioration. In addition, their applicability and reliability in high-temperature ranges has also been enhanced.
Thanks to these characteristics, our ceramic hermetic seals are widely used in devices and equipment for fields related to space, medicine and nuclear power - areas that particularly require compatibility with high-vacuum and high-pressure conditions.


MARUWA's ceramic hermetic seals are highly airtight products that use ceramic-metal seal connection technology that we have cultivated over many long years.


High airtightness

1x10-10[Pa・m3/S] or less (Amount of He gas leakage)

Heat-resistance temperature

350 [ºC] or less (Baking temperature, in inert gas or vacuum)
200 [ºC] (Temperature under continuous use)
* Varies depending on the product. Please contact us.

High electric insulation

Ceramics are used for the insulating materials.

Special products

We accept orders to design and produce new products.


In devices that have containers that seal them against vacuums (or, as special applications, against pressure, liquids and gases), these products electrically connect and insulate the inside and outside of the containers.

  • - Ultra-high vacuum devices
  • - Devices that use superconductivity
  • - Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • - Devices related to electric power
  • - Medical analysis devices
  • - Devices related to space and nuclear power

List of Products


Features and applications


Multipin Connector

- Standardized 3-pin to 48-pin connector terminals compatible with the MIL-DTL-5015 standards.
- Thermocouple types use thermocouple equivalents or compensating lead wire materials.
- We also accept orders for special specifications.


Coaxial Connector

We will deliver products fitted with the flanges you specify, in accordance with your requests.
- We also accept orders for special specifications.


Current Feedthrough

- We will design and produce current feedthroughs with any number of pins you specify.
- We also accept orders for special specifications.



- Feedthroughs for vacuum-sealing terminals for sheathed heaters and thermocouples.
- We also accept orders for special specifications.


Electrical Isolator

- We offer products to meet a wide variety of voltage resistance requirements, for use as insulating piping joints for vacuums, gases, liquids, etc.
- We will design and produce special products to suit the shape of the pipes.
- We offer insulating pipes with enhanced water resistance for cooling water.
- We also accept orders for special specifications.


Special Products

- We also accept orders for the design and assembly of composite products and devices for multipin connectors and current feedthroughs.
- We can also produce large products (outside diameter Φ500).
- Please contact us if you are having trouble with special brazing.


Support for custom-made products

We accept orders to design and produce new products, regardless of the quantity.
We can also choose something to meet your requirements from the rich lineup of products we already have to offer.

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