Alumina Multilayered Ceramic Substrates & Packages (HTCC)

Alumina Multilayered Ceramic Substrates & Packages (HTCC)


High Temperature Co-fired Substrates (HTCC)

Due to its multilayered structure, circuit designs can be delivered flexibly through layers and complex structures,
e.g. cavity structures, are available.

Structure sample (cross-section)

Alumina Multilayered(HTCC)Features


Sensor Packages, surface-mount packages, MEMS packages, Optical communication packages, LED packages etc

Standard specification for Multilayered Ceramic Substrate

Item Al2O3(92%)
Metalized VIA W
Inner layer W
Surface layer W / Cu
Plating NiB / NiP-Au / NiP-Pd-Au(Electroless plating) / Ni-Au(Electrolytic plating)

Substrate characteristics

Item Unit Al2O3(92%)
Color - White Brown
Bulk density g/㎤ 3.60 3.80
Mechanical characteristics Bending strength MPa >350 >350
Thermal characteristics Coefficient of thermal expansion ppm/℃ 7.0 7.3
Thermal conductivity W/(m・K) 16 15
Electrical characteristics Dielectric constant 1GHz - 9.0 9.9
Volume resistivity 100Vdc Ω・㎝ >1014 >1014
Breakdown strength ㎸/100㎛ >10 >10
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