Ceramic Valves

Ceramic Valves


Ceramic Valves
Ceramic valves and other sliding parts are available using excellent surface polishing technology. Our ceramic valves owns relatively high wear resistance, hardness and chemical resistance.


Sliding parts, Potentiometers, Isolators, Alumina substrates (which is not possible to be manufactured by sheet processing), Faucet valves.

Characteristic Values

Item Unit Type
AP960 AP90T
Material - Al2O3 Al2O3
Color - White White Green
Alumina Purity % 96 90
Bulk Density g/㎤ 3.7×103 3.7×103
Absorption of Water % 0 0
Mechanical Characteristic Bendin Strength MPa 313 294
Young's Modulus MPa 1961 -
Vickers Hardness GPa 15.7 13.7
Thermal Characteristic Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 40-400°C 10-6/K 7.3 6.2
Thermal Conductivity 25°C W/(m・K) 23.8 17.9
Specific Heat J/(㎏・K) 0.75×103 0.75×103
Thermal Shock Resistance °C 200 200
Electrical Characteristic Dielectric Constant 1MHz - 9.4 -
Volume Resistivity 20°C Ω・㎝ 1014 -
300°C Ω・㎝ 1013 -
500°C Ω・㎝ 1010 -
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage ㎸/㎜ 10 10

※ The data above is reference which has been retrieved from samples. The characteristics may differ depending on the shape of the products. etc.

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