Thin Film Metallized Substrates

Thin Film Metallized Substrates


Thin Film Metallized Substrates
Submounts have been developed by combining metallization and ceramic material technologies which MARUWA has cultivated for many years. The materials can be customized with various pattern technologies, such as wraparound metallization. This product is used in circuit substrates for optical storage, optical communication, RF application, and various other uses.


Applied circuit substrates for optical communication markets, circuit substrates for high frequency markets

Metallization General Specification

Item Standard Specification
Substrate Material Material Alumina(Al2O3) 99.5%、96%etc.
Aluminum Nitride(AlN) -
Dielectric Substrate ε38、ε93etc.
Thickness 0.1㎜~1.5㎜ / 4mil~60mil
Work Size 50.8㎜□(2inch□)、2inch × 4inch□、3inch
Film Specification (Conductor) Film Composition / Film Thickness Dry Etching Ti/Pt/Au=0.06/0.2/0.3㎛~2.0㎛approx
Wet Etching Ti/Pd/Au=0.06/0.2/2.0㎛~10.0㎛approx
Film Specification (Resistance Body) Seat Resistance 25Ω/□、50Ω/□(±20%) Special Specification (±5%)
T.C.R -50±50ppm/°C
Film Composition Tantalum Nitride(Ta2N)
Film Specification (Solder) Film Composition / Film Thickness Au/Sn 1.5㎛~10㎛
Processing Specification (Thin Film Circuit) Minimum Line & Space Dry Etching L/S≧10㎛
Wet Etching L/S:20㎛/20㎛±10㎛
Processing Specification (Machining) Cutting Accuracy ±50㎛
Item Inspection Item Measurement Inspection Machines
Quality Assurance Size Measuring Microscope
Film Thickness X-ray Fluorscence, Surface Rough Meter
Resistance Digital Multi Meter
Externals Microscope
Wire Strength Pltester

Standard Specification

  • Standard Specification
Item Minimum Size
A Conducter Size 0.01㎜
B Pattern Interval 0.01㎜
C Resistance Body Size (Thickness) 0.05㎜
D Resistance Body Size (Length) 0.05㎜
E Substance Thickness - Pattern Interval 0.05㎜
F Pattern - Hole Interval 0.1㎜
G Via Hole - Pattern Interval 0.1㎜
H Via Hole 1.5t㎜(t=Sbstrate Thickness)
I Via Hole Interval 0.25㎜
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