Thick Film Substrates & Packages (Plating)

Thick Film Substrates & Packages (Plating)


Thick Film (Plating)
Thick film metallized substrates have been developed by combining proven ceramic materials and thick film metallization technology. Various patterning technologies allow us to support custom-made requirements. Main applications are semiconductor lasers, medical lasers and other similar products.


Submount substrate for industrial equipment and medical equipment

Standard specification for Thick Film Metallization (Plating)

Item Standard Specification
Substrate Material Material Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Themal conductivity 170W,200W,230W
Thickness 0.25~1.00mmt -
Work Size 50.8□(2inch□),2inch×4inch□
Film Specification Film Composition electrolytic plating NiAu specification:Cu / Ni / Au=20~80μm / >1μm / >0.5μm(MW recommendation)
Film Thickness Cu thickness:30~80±15μm(standard),±10μm(special)
Solder AuSn composition:(eg)Au / Sn=75 / 25±5wt%(ratio is flexible)
AuSn thickness: 1.5μm~7μm±20%
Pattern Accuracy L / S=100μm / 150μm(Cu thickness over 50μm),50μm / 80μm(Cu thickness 30μm target)
others Cutting process ±50μm( speical ±20μm)
  • electrolytic plating NiAu specification (MW recommendation)
    Standard specification for Thick Film Metallization (Plating)
    In the case of electrolytic specification, an electrode wire is required for each land
    Thickened Au is possible. (Standard thickness about 1.5 μm
Item Inspection Item Measurement Inspection Machines
Quality Assurance Size Measuring Microscope
Film Thickness X-ray Fluorscence, Surface Rough Meter
Resistance Digital Multi Meter
Externals Microscope
Wire Strength Pltester

Pattern accuracy

  • Thick Film Metallization (Plating)パターン精度 Pattern accuracy
Dimension position Minimum Size
A Conducter Size 0.100mm
B Pattern Interval 0.150mm
C Substance Thickness - Pattern Interval 0.050mm
D Pattern - Hole Interval 0.100mm
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