AlN Multilayered Ceramic Substrates & Packages

AlN Multilayered Ceramic Substrates & Packages


AlN Multilayered Ceramic Substrates Applications

Due to its multilayered structure, circuit designs can be delivered flexibly through layers and complex structures, e.g. cavity structures, are available.
AlN, an excellent heat disspation material, has been proven to efficiently release the heat from high heat generating IC chips.

Structure sample (cross-section)

AlN Multilayered Ceramictructure sample (cross-section)


Sensor Packages, surface-mount packages, MEMS packages, Optical communication packages, LED packages, etc

Standard specification for Multilayered Ceramic Substrate

Item AlN
Metallized Via W
Inner layer W
Surface layer W / Cu
Plating NiB / NiP-Au / NiP-Pd-Au(Electroless plating) / Ni-Au(Electrolytic plating)

Substrate characteristics

Item 単位 AlN
Color - Gray
Bulk density g/㎤ 3.30
Mechanical characteristics Bending strength MPa >350
Thermal characteristics Coefficient of thermal expansion ppm/℃ 4.6
Thermal conductivity W/(m・K) 170
Electrical characteristics Dielectric constant 1GHz - 8.8
Volume resistivity 100Vdc Ω・㎝ >1014
Breakdown strength ㎸/100㎛ 20
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