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PMZ/AMV Series(High current type for high frequency)

PMZ/AMV Series(High current type for high frequency)


PMZ AMV Series
The PMZ series is the noise countermeasure part of the SMD type the core of which was ferrite rawmaterials. It has the characteristic which is excellent about the noise depression-effect about the DC power line of each electronic device.For the hi-reliability part, it is possible to use in the +155℃ environment.
  • It supports at 1 block to Normal mode & Differential mode & Common mode noise.

  • Effective for high frequency band(100MHz or higher).

  • Compact and achieve large allowable current, and can be used for DC power supply line.

  • It is applicable with the +155℃ environment.

  • AEC-Q200 compliant.

  • Because the terminal has flexibility, it becomes the structure which is strong in the temperature cycle. (1000 cycles of temperature cycles support.)


Applications in rugged automotive environments such as the power supply circuits of drive system control,airbags,and ABS of engine ECU.

Equivalent circuit


  • Dimensions
  • (Dimensions: mm)

Part Number List and Rating

Part Number Impedance
(Ωat 100MHz)
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
DC Resistance
Operating Temp.
PMZ7060L2AAMV-01 100 100 10 5 -55~+155
PMZ7060L2AAMV-02 65 100 10 5 -55~+155
PMZ4532L2AAMV-01 70 100 10 5 -55~+155

Recommended PCB Pattern

(Dimensions: mm)

Impedance Frequency Characteristics


Type Package Qty.
Taping 1000pcs/reel

About the structure of Hi-reliability PMZ AMV.

  • Operating temperature -55~+155℃ compatible

  • It's strong in the substrate bend & temperature cycle.

  • Heavy-current / High frequency noise countermeasure

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