MARUWA's Technology Born Out of Integrated Technologies and Commitment to Ceramics


Four Business Domains

MARUWA is carrying out our business activities with four divisions; Ceramics which is a core field for us, Electronic Components / Devices, Quartz Glass and LED Lighting.



We are the ceramic experts with long-time experience,providing total solution from the raw materials to components.

We have established an integrated production system from producing ceramic substrates, designing, and patterning of circuit on substrates, to processing including components mounting. We fully utilize our technologies that we have over the years of experience on materials and processing technologies such as ceramic sheet manufacturing, molding and firing.We can handle customers' various needs because we have wide range of product.

Electronic Components /


We are flexible for customers' needs such as specification change and small quantity with timely innovation.

We integrate the ceramic material technology and manufacturing technology with the accumulation or a part installation technology to produce RF components or devices such as EMI filters, magnetic sheets, inductors, and EMC components (surge, noise suppression parts). We are establishing a global mass-production for various products including magnetic sheets and inductors.



Our state of the art facilities and well-established manufacturing process enable stable supply of high quality quartz glass.

We produce various types of quartz glass products, including quartz boats and tubes, which are necessary for semiconductor industry, multi-walled piping burner for optical fiber, and machined products with punched fine pores. We combine the state of the art equipment environment and the expert technique, as well as we establish the new technology including super clean manufacturing or large product manufacturing to develop and start mass-producing products in a very rapid growth technical field, such as solar cell and LED.



Our high quality LED products represent MARUWA's legacy of ceramics and components cultivated over the years.

We produce LED lighting fixtures including street lighting, lighting for interior and high ceiling. In addition to optical design technology and technologies related to high-powered lighting that we have acquired over the years, we will combine the ceramic technology, the circuit design technology and packaging technology to advance in our development of LED modules with high heat dissipation, which contributes to improving the life-time and performance of lighting fixtures.

Ceramics Technology as Our Technology Core

For MARUWA, who started out from producing pottery and porcelain to producing fine ceramics, the core technology we have is on the ceramic materials and ceramic manufacturing.
We are producing and supplying globally and stably the high performance, high quality ceramic substrates, that support the performance and quality of further advancing electrical and electronic products. We are advancing further in developing new technology and new products to strengthen our core skills so as to be responsive to the needs of the generations to come.

Ceramics Technology as Our Technology Core”

Ceramic Materials Technology, Ceramic Manufacturing Technology

Out of many fields of technology, MARUWA positions the technical capabilities we have in ceramic materials and ceramic manufacturing at the core. We established the mass production system with large equipment, such as Doctor Blade sheet forming machine and continuous furnace, taken in at the very early stage. Integrated production from material to substrates enables intensive management for quality, and enables us to flexibly respond to a variety of customers' needs.

  • Materials Technology

    Materials Technology

    Raw materials with high purity are mixed in a special composition concerning each characteristic. Our mixing technology keeps a high homogeneity.

  • Sheet Forming Technology

    Sheet Forming Technology

    Ranging from 0.01mm to 2mm, we form a sheet evenly with high precision.

  • alternate

    Press Technology

    To maintain high precision in dimensions, molds designed by ourselves are used.

  • Firing Technology

    Firing Technology

    Firing inside the furnace is controlled at approximately 1600 degrees Celsius with an allowable error range of 5 degrees Celsius for evenness.Depending on which materials are used, a kind from various kinds of furnaces, including a continuous furnace, batch furnace, air furnace, and atmosphere furnace, is selected.

Original Comprehensive Technology through Integrated Technology

MARUWA established an integrated production system from ceramic substrates and machined substrates to electronic components or devices, so as to be responsive to the market needs. We are on a mid-way of further integrating our technical capabilities and keep on polishing our general technologies from ceramics to circuit designing and packaging.

Processing Technology for Ceramic Substrate

  • We use our own ceramic single-layer substrate and the multilayer technology to embed a circuit pattern inside a Multilayer Co-fired Substrates, combined with the circuit pattern formation technology, such as printing or thin film metallization, to produce small but high performance ceramic substrates integrally from the materials. We provide the products in a stable quality under an intensive management system, which also enables us to provide customers with custom-made products that best fit various needs of each customer.

    Other Processing Technology

    • Glazing (Etching)

    • Laser Machining (Scribe Machining/Micro Slit Machining)

    • Surface Polishing

    • Punching

    • Machining

    • Thin Film Metallization

      Thin Film Metallization

    • Multilayer Co-fired Substrates

      Multilayer Co-fired Substrates

Manufacturing Technology for Electronic Components

In Electronic Components / Devices Division, the integration of technologies with the ceramic is in a consistent progress. Our electronic components and devices have various technologies in materials, molding substrates, firing, processing, and designing circuits fully utilized in them to contribute to providing compact, multi-function electrical and electronic devices.

  • GPS antenna/module

    GPS antenna/module

  • Power Inductors

    Power Inductors

  • Voltage Control Oscillators (VCO)

    Voltage Control Oscillators (VCO)

General Technology of MARUWA in LED Module

Combining our technologies in ceramics, circuit design, and packaging enables MARUWA to provide materials, components, and circuit design for a high-spec module, up to mass production.

  • LED Module