Risk Management

Basic Philosophy on Risk Management

Corporate activities involve various risks, including management strategy, legal compliance, environmental protection, labor, quality, financial, sales strategy, and IT-related. We have established risk management regulations to reduce risks and respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances. Based on risk management regulations, a risk management committee was established and is chaired by an appointee of the president.

Risk Management Committee

The risk management committee identifies and clarifies the risks within the company from various perspectives and evaluates the risks. The committee then instructs and reports to the general managers of each department on how to handle risks, factors that cause risks, risk prevention and detection systems, and monitoring status.
We also provide guidance to each department in establishing rules, training, and preparing and distributing manuals.

Risk Management Committee Chairperson

As the person in charge of overall company-wide risk management, the chairperson of the risk management committee reports to the board of directors and the audit and supervisory committee on the status of risk management based on the risk assessment results obtained by the committee.