Corporate Responsibility


Involvement in Local Communities

Willing to keep a good relationship with local communities, MARUWA Group supports cultural and artistic activities and environmental activities.

Social Contribution Activity through Art and Culture

MARUWA Christmas Concert

  • This concert is held in December every year under MARUWA auspices at Seto-city, the place of its founding. This free concert started out in 2008 because we would like to do something concerning cultural activities in return for constant kindness supports from our shareholders.

  • MARUWA Christmas Concert
  • Every year, the concert gets great reviews from the locals.

  • With gratitude, our employees put on the concert.

Oto no Jikan -MARUWA Concert-

  • We came up with the idea of having a concert with the hope that more people will appreciate art and listen to live music. We held our first concert at Seto special education school made possible through the help of the Aichi University of the Arts.

  • Oto no Jikan -MARUWA Concert-
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    The orchestra mainly consists of the graduates from Aichi University of the Arts.

  • local-music-img03

    We received good reviews—people loved the concert.

Activities for Environmental Protection

Association of the Village of Firefly in Jokoji

MARUWA approves of the activity of Jokoji Hotaru no Sato no Kai and donated its property (about 16,000 m²) to Seto City. MARUWA continues to cherish local nature and contributes to local community.

Association of the Village of Firefly in Jokoji

Ecocap activities

Recycling PET bottle caps can help reduce CO2 emissions, and also with the money earned by recycling the caps, we can provide vaccines to the children in developing countries. We set up recycling boxes in cafeterias in the Toki, Seto, Naoetsu, and Kasugayama plants for collecting PET bottle caps.

Ecocap activities

Other Local Activities

At the Toki plant, we take care of parks and flower beds in the industrial complex, weed, pick up garbage along the roads and conduct safety education activities such as checking seatbelts on regular basis. At the Iwaki plant, we donate sponges for cushioning materials and timber for material transportation pallets, all of which would otherwise become waste, to neighboring special education schools. The school used these materials for making chairs and cushions and gave some of their work to us. We also interact with the locals to strengthen friendships through cleaning activities at each site and supporting local festivals.

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