Effective Use of Resources

Effective Use of Resources

Use Limited Resources with Wisdom and Care

The use of resources and energy is essential for business activities such as procurement of materials, development, production, and sales of products. However, resources are limited, and demand for resources is expected to increase further as the world's population grows and the global economy expands.
To continue to develop our business in the future, we need to work toward realizing a recycling-oriented society. The MARUWA Group promotes the effective use of limited resources by reusing materials and reducing waste emissions.

Efforts for Effective Use of Resources

In the production process, we are striving to reduce defective products by improving the yield rate (the ratio of products to resources input). At the Toki Plant, we are working on the effective use of water resources by filtering well water and using it as industrial water.
We are also making company-wide efforts to effectively use paper resources, such as by going paperless for internal documents.

Toki Plant Filtration Facility