Employment of Non-Japanese Employees

Accepting Various Values and Promoting Global Development

The MARUWA Group has been actively hiring foreign employees to incorporate diverse values into the company. Currently, we have about 500 foreign employees, including those from overseas group companies, who play an essential role in our global business, including the development of overseas customers. We aim to continue to hire more foreign employees as human resources who can create new value.

Dispatching Local Employees From Overseas to Japan

Fostering Diversity in Values and Ways of Thinking Through Cross-Border Exchanges

Since 2008, the MARUWA Group has accepted approximately 30 employees from Malaysia every year for human resource and technological exchange. The exchange between overseas employees and Japanese employees fosters diversity in values and ways of thinking in the workplace, which has become a major source of vitality for the MARUWA Group.

Promotion of Women's Activities

Creating an Environment Where Anyone Can Play an Active Role Regardless of Gender

The MARUWA Group is actively promoting the development of an environment in which employees can play an active role regardless of gender. In fiscal 2023 the ratio of female employees at the head office was approximately 50%. We believe that by promoting women's activities, we can create diversity in the workplace and that it will lead to company growth.