Basic Philosophy on Compliance

While a company strives for profit growth supported by various stakeholders, it cannot exist unless its business activities are approved by society. Compliance is the foundation of the company's sincere business activities, and the profits recorded must be backed by compliance. We believe that the most important thing is for everyone to act autonomously and ethically to create a better corporate culture of integrity, and to build sound working environments and good relationships with our stakeholders.
To this end, we have compiled our basic approach to compliance and created the compliance manual as a common code of conduct for the entire MARUWA Group in Japan and overseas. The manual is distributed to all Group employees to ensure that they are aware of and comply with its contents.

MARUWA Groups' Compliance Manual

  1. Respect for human rights

  2. Observance of antitrust law and relevant laws and regulations

  3. Compliance with Subcontract Act

  4. Prohibition on insider trading

  5. Proper information management

  6. Prohibition of bribery

  7. Prohibition of conflicts of interest

  8. Compliance with various business laws and regulations

  9. Security trade control

  10. Import and export procedures

  11. Respect for intellectual property rights

  12. Proper use of information systems

  13. Ban on relations with anti-social forces

  14. Environmental protection

  15. Appropriate accounting processing, tax filing, and disclosure of company information

  16. Prohibition of unfair competition

  17. Respect for company property

Compliance Manual