Corporate Responsibility


Environmental Management

The MARUWA Group has established an environmental policy to promote corporate activities that minimally impact the environment. Based on this policy, we work to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and contribute to the creation of a low carbon society through our technologies and products.

Environmental Policy

Strongly cognizant of a corporation’s social responsibility to hand on the irreplaceable and beautiful global environment to succeeding generations in order for mankind to carry on a healthy and affluent life, MARUWA Group is tackling amelioration of environmental problems via its manufacturing and thereby contributing to a sustainable society.

  1. Clarify the impacts on the environment that are caused by the company‘s operations, and furthermore work to protect the environment and ameliorate environmental burdens through high environmental awareness and inventiveness on the part of company members and involved persons.

  2. Proceed with environmental activities in accordance with the following:

    1. adhere to environmental laws and regulations and to other requirements agreed to by MARUWA Group;

    2. construct an environmental management system and work to improve it continually so that it becomes a better mechanism;

    3. set environmental goals and targets as levels to be achieved and keep them appropriately updated.

  3. Engage in activities stressing the following, by means of "continual improvement/reform of manufacturing" – which is the principal business of the Group:

    1. develop and supply products that place value on the environment;

    2. proceed with resource saving and energy saving so as to bring about further reductions in the environment;

    3. promote reduction and recycling of wastes and appropriate waste management;

    4. promote environmental risk management.

Organization Structure

In order for the whole MARUWA Group to move ahead with environmental preservation activities, we have constructed a cross-cutting Environmental Management System with department managers from each plant as Environment Committee members. In this system, the internal auditors are positioned so as to be able to audit from impartial standpoints.


ISO Certification Status

Registration No. for base(s) Toki, Seto, Naoetsu and
Kasugayama Plants
Miharu and Iwaki Plants Malaysia Plant
ISO14001 (Environment) 50301360 UM15 JAER0736 E185188
Registration No. for base(s)
ISO14001 (Environment)
Toki, Seto, Naoetsu and
Kasugayama Plants
50301360 UM15
Miharu and Iwaki Plants
Malaysia Plant

What We Do

  1. Legal Compliance Checklist

    We established a check system for legal compliance and made an annual plan to conduct fire prevention drills, check deleterious substance management, have drainage and soil analyzed by external organizations, and measure environmental conditions such as odors, noises, and dust.

  2. Green Procurement

    In order to provide products that are considerate to the global environment, MARUWA Group is procuring products and services that impose smaller burdens on the environment. We have issued our Green Procurement Guidelines to all our business partners so as to communicate to them our Environmental Policy and the goals of our Green Procurement. Also, those partners assist us with reports on the situation regarding use of environmentally harmful substances and outline surveys on environmental and quality matters.

  3. Zero Emission

    "Zero Emission" means carrying out final disposal of wastes by methods other than landfill. At our Toki, Seto, Naoetsu and Kasugayama Plants, we have achieved zero emission by carrying out material recycling of 95% or more of their total emissions (excluding regular combustible material).

  4. RoHS

    MARUWA's ceramic products, electronic parts (EMC parts, etc.) and device products are all RoHS Directive-compliant, with the exception of those that are produced on customer's specification (customized product). The "RoHS Directive" is a Directive enforced in the European Union (EU) that forbids the use of environment-burdening substances. The Directive restricts to introduce those electrical and electronic equipment that contains any of the six banned substances: lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), or polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) to the market. Likewise, our ceramic products, electronic parts (EMC parts, etc.) and device products comply with the "Chinese RoHS *". They also conform to almost all of the REACH regulations. We are able to provide the report concerning chemical substance contents for each of our products upon the request. Please contact member of our sales team regarding the report.

    Regulatory measure on harmful substances that was enacted in China on March 1, 2007. Formal title: "Administrative Measure on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products".

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