Initiatives to Address Climate Change

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing Environmental Impact through Various Measures such as Energy Conservation

To reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, the MARUWA Group is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are considered to contribute to global warming. In addition to reducing power consumption, by promoting LED use at each plant and implementing the Cool Biz program during the summer, the newly established Seto Plant will be implementing energy-saving measures. These measures include introducing an outdoor air-cooling system that reduces the cooling load by bringing in outside air, the introduction of dimming control using brightness sensors, and a design that utilizes natural lighting. Furthermore, all industrial kilns used in the manufacturing process are electrically powered, to reduce their environmental impact.

  • automatic control natural ventilation system

  • Electric Kiln

Introduction of Renewable Energy

Using CO₂ Emission-Free Solar Power as an Energy Source

The MARUWA Group is promoting clean, renewable energy sources that do not emit CO₂ during use as an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Panels at the Toki Plant