Arts and Culture Support Activities

Kanbe Foundation

Supporting Young Artists' Global Achievements

The MARUWA Group focuses on promoting art and culture, especially in ceramics, as a company that grew out of Seto City in Aichi Prefecture, known for its ceramics.
In this age of rapid change and with the rise of the Internet and AI technologies, passing on art and culture is a critical part of our legacy for future generations.
With this in mind, the Kanbe Foundation was founded in 2013 to support and promote artists working in ceramics and lighting.
The Foundation sponsors various activities, including the Ceramic Life Design Award, a competition focused on ceramic design, the Kanbe Foundation Award, which recognizes outstanding graduation work from Aichi University of the Arts, and a scholarship grant program for international artists.

Kanbe Foundation


Holding a Competition to Open up the Possibilities of Ceramics

Since 2016, we have been co-hosting the CERAMIC LIFE DESIGN AWARD (CLDA) competition on the theme of ceramic design with Aichi University of the Arts.
This competition aims to revitalize the ceramic industry and develop human resources based on the concept of proposing new designs and the potential of ceramics (ceramic materials) in living spaces. We invite both professionals and amateurs to submit their works. The exhibition of award-winning works attracts a large number of visitors.

CERAMIC LIFE DESIGN AWARD Award-Winning Works and the Award Ceremony

Kanbe Foundation Award

Connecting Young Artists' Identities to the Future

Since 2018, we have been presenting the Kanbe Foundation Award for outstanding works to graduates of Aichi University of the Arts. By encouraging young artists, we hope that the award helps students grow their pride and confidence as artists and allow them to fly to the future.

Kanbe Foundation Award-Winning Works

MARUWA Foundation for the Promotion of Spanish Dance

Dedicated to the Development and Support of Spanish Dance Artists

MARUWA supports artists who are passionate about their work. One of our activities is to nurture and support Spanish dance artists through the MARUWA Foundation for the Promotion of Spanish Dance. The Foundation holds the CAF Flamenco Competition and selects and provides training in Spain for talented young artists. It also hosts workshops with instructors invited from their home country to learn flamenco in Japan. In addition to its grant program supporting flamenco art, CAF is now also focusing on activities for students to broaden its base.

The scenes of the foundation's inaugural commemorative performances and competitions