Human Resource Development
Health and Safety

Human Resource Development

Developing Professional Human Resources Through Subject-Based Work and Training

The MARUWA Group aspires to foster professional human resources with a thirst for knowledge and the ability to think and act independently. Employees must gain skills through their work to achieve this, and we promote their development by offering them subjects in their work from the start.
We also provide training programs to help employees improve their skills. These include "on-the-job training" for new employees to acquire practical skills through their work, "external training" to acquire skills required for different work situations, and "university dispatch" to gain knowledge not available within the company through joint research with universities.

Karuizawa MARUWA Academy Hills Undergoing Studies

Promotion of Work-Life Balance

Enriching Work and Personal Lives to Achieve Employee Happiness

In realizing the MARUWA Group's corporate philosophy of corporate growth and employee happiness, it is essential to have a work-life balance that allows employees to lead fulfilling lives in both their work and personal lives. For this reason, the MARUWA Group is working to create an environment that allows employees to balance their work and personal lives and to work flexibly and diversely.
To promote work-life balance, we have introduced a flextime system and shift system to enable a variety of work styles and strive to reduce overtime work by promoting web conferencing and teleworking to shorten travel time.
In addition, we are making efforts to improve the utilization rate of paid vacations by setting dates for employees to take all paid vacations at once. The annual number of holidays is 125 days.

Initiatives for the Health and Safety of Employees

Providing Various Systems for Healthy and Vigorous Work

The MARUWA Group is working to provide an environment where every employee can work safely and in good physical and mental health, and create a work environment where employees can work with enthusiasm and make the most of their abilities.
We conduct stress checks once a year for all employees, and each plant provides health consultations with industrial physicians every month for those who wish to participate. We also provide flu vaccinations to those who wish to receive them every year.
In Malaysia, where medical checkups are not mandatory, MARUWA (Malaysia) conducts medical checkups for all employees and manages the health of its employees.

Karuizawa MARUWA Academy Hills

Workcation at a Recreational Facility in Nature

The MARUWA Group established the Karuizawa MARUWA Academy Hills recreational facility in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, to provide employee welfare and allow shareholders to enjoy their leisure time. The facility is widely used for employees to telework and as a training facility for new employees.

  • Karuizawa MARUWA Academy Hills Exterior

  • Karuizawa MARUWA Academy Hills Interior