MARUWA Group ranks its Quality Policy as one of its management principles. Rigorously pursuing quality in products and services, we strive to obtain customer satisfaction and build relationships of trust.

Quality Management Policy

-Establish Customer through quality management-It is the MARUWA staff's commitment to be a unique ’quality-first’ manufacturer to meet the changing market needs.


In order to manufacture products that match the customer's needs, we have constructed our own unique Quality Control System. The Quality Assurance Managers of the various divisions monitor and measure the products and verify the soundness of the processes. Also, as part of our Quality Management System we conduct customer satisfaction surveys, feed back the comments received from customers into all of our processes, and work for continual improvement of the processes.

ISO Certification

Our Naoetsu and Kasugayama Plants acquired ISO9001 certification in 1999, and our other bases have also acquired this certification. We are continually working for quality improvements.

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Toki and Seto Plants
Naoetsu and Kasugayama Plants

Miharu and
Iwaki Plants

Malaysia Plant

ISO9001 (Quality)





What We Do

Utilization of expertise in quality

Our members at our manufacturing sites are confronted daily with new issues and problems. Preventing recurrence of issues and problems is of extreme importance in manufacturing. We record in Work Procedures, Work Essentials and Process and Equipment Management Standards the expertise that has been acquired by numerous individuals in the course of their work, thereby accumulating it as organizational expertise. When expertise in the form of improvements and recurrence prevention measures is thus spread to other departments and plants, it will not be affected by personnel transfers, organizational changes or the like. In this way, we also maximize utilization of our expertise when equipment or processes are augmented.

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