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Message from the President

Improving Corporate Value

Since our founding, we have concentrated first and foremost on materials, studying them in depth and developing ceramics as our mainstay. We are most deeply grateful for your support and cooperation. Based on our motto of "endeavoring to make goods that serve society," we believe that our ability to create products that no other company has, the capacity of our organizational structure to withstand changes in market conditions, and our innovative ways of thinking are our primary strengths and key assets.

The environment we operate in has undergone drastic and powerful changes in the last few years. Against this backdrop, there is powerful demand for superior materials which possess the required elements and functional properties for our developing business markets, including artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and for the automotive industry.
As we become an increasingly global company, we are engaging in a variety of activities relating to the environment, society, and governance (ESG) in order to contribute to the development of society.
We take our responsibilities and place in society very seriously, and strive to make significant environmental and social contributions to our local communities. As a manufacturing company, we are progressively engaging with work-style innovation, advancing new technological improvements without seeking to expand our scale, and developing products using the leading global technology in our niche field. By doing so, we can meet the expectations of our shareholders, while also broadening our activities in support of the arts for the enjoyment of members of local communities. In order to further enhance our corporate governance structure, we are holding open meetings of our Board of Directors, clarifying responsibilities and functions, and seeking progress in our corporate management from the perspective of our shareholders.

Through the measures described above, we are enhancing our transparency in corporate management while continuing our longstanding can-do approach to developing cutting-edge materials with functional properties in the fast-changing market economy. We believe in expanding our profitability in order to grow together with all our stakeholders. MARUWA is a company of growth in a mature society.
More than ever, our employees will strive as a united team to address potential management challenges and achieve our goals.
We hope to enjoy your continued support and encouragement as we work toward the future.

Sei Kanbe


ei Kanbe President (signature)