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MARUWA began with a family of artisans in the Edo period (beginning of the 1800s).In the Taisho Period (in 1910s-20s), the family started manufacturing Japanese-style dishes. As soon as the war ended, they started making dishes for export. During the high economic growth of the '60s, MARUWA expanded its business into electrical components (special porcelain for communication equipment, ceramics for chip resisters) where market needs were growing rapidly.The pioneer spirit has been a very important part of the MARUWA Group's philosophy, in addition to its long-cultivated ceramic technologies.

  • 1973

    Established MARUWA Ceramic Co., Ltd.

    * Trademark changed to "MARUWA CO.,LTD." in 1999.

  • 1989

    Overseas manufacturing subsidiary, MARUWA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. established.

  • 2000

    Designated to the first section of the TSE and the NSE
    Listed on the SGX and the LSE

  • 2005

    Started the LED lighting equipment business

    * Acquired shares of YAMAGIWA in 2012 and made it a subsidiary

Business Overview

MARUWA has been a market leader and developed ceramic substrates around the world. We have two main business segments, which are the ceramic parts business and the lighting equipment business.In order to meet the strong demand for materials excel in its functional characteristics necessary for automobile electric equipment, high-speed communication network, cloud/storage services, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things), we continue to strive for meeting the high expectations of the market.

We are supporting ever-evolving electronics technology.

Our ceramic parts and lighting equipment businesses are expanding globally.
As a ceramic expert, we combine and integrate elemental technologies such as ceramics and metallization that we have cultivated, and develop products unrivaled in the industry.
Our expertise covers a wide range of fields including appliances such as smartphones, tablet-type device, automobiles, and medical examination instruments.
In the lighting market, we are developing competitive LED lighting equipment products with high added value as MARUWA's core. We are also developing high-intensity lightings for in roads and tunnels, and high-end lightings for exhibitions at art and other museums. icon icon Learn More

Our Support of the Cultural Arts through Social Contribution Activities

MARUWA strives to increase the spread of the cultural arts in local communities and our social mission is to support the discovering and fostering of young artists.

  • Concert at Special Education School
    Oto no Jikan -MARUWA Concert-

    Concert at Special Education School Oto no Jikan -MARUWA Concert-
  • Ceramic Design Competition Co-Sponsored by the Kanbe Foundation and Aichi University of the Arts

    Contest Sponsored by Kanbe Foundation Sponsorship

Benefit for Shareholders

Shareholder General Meeting

The Shareholder General Meeting is held in June of each year.

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Dividend Information

We consider returning profits as one of the important continuous policies based on stable dividends to our shareholders.

  • Latest Forecast

    Dividend per share (in JPY) as the end of FY2023
    Dividend per share (in JPY) as the end of quarter FY2023
    Total 86.00
  • Dividend Per Share

    Dividend Per Share
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Shareholder Incentives

We appreciate the support from our shareholders and at the same time enhance the attraction of our stocks. We will introduce a shareholder incentive plan so that more people can hold our shares over the medium to long term.

Target: shareholders who have 100 shares (one unit) or more as stated or recorded on our shareholder registry as of March 31 each year.

  • Invitation to
    MARUWA Christmas Concert

    Invitation to MARUWA Christmas Concert

    We will invite you to the concert held each December.

  • Special tickets offers for art or cultural performances, etc.

    Special tickets offers for art or cultural performances, etc.

    We will give out up to two tickets of the art or cultural performances for our shareholders.

  • About Karuizawa MARUWA Academy Hills Accommodation Coupon

    About Karuizawa MARUWA Academy Hills Accommodation Coupon

    We will keep you updated on this page about details such as how to use this coupon, etc.

Investor Newsletter

We will send a brochure to our shareholders twice a year (at the end of the second quarter and the end of the fiscal year) about business result overviews of the fiscal year and our current business situation.
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