Notice of establishment of new plant and plant name change

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.
Now, following the completion of new plant (Hatanaka-cho, Seto-city), we are pleased to inform you that the name of current Seto plant (Yamanota-cho, Seto-city) will be changed effective from May 1st in 2023 per below.
We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

New plant

NameSeto plant
Address122, Hatanaka-cho, Seto-city, Aichi-pref., 489-0946, Japan
Phone+81-561-20-9100 (representative)

Plant name change

Name(Current)Seto plant → (New)Yamanota plant
Effective date of changeFrom May 1st in 2023
* Address and telephone number remain unchanged.

Affiliated company YAMAGIWA exhibiting at Milan Design Week after 12-year interval

YAMAGIWA Co., Ltd. who imports and sells lighting and furniture brands from around the world including their original lightings will exhibit at "Milan Design Week 2023" to be held in Milan, Italy on April in 2023.
This is their 12-year interval exhibition at Milan Design Week since 2011, and they will exhibit in the Brera area called Fuori Salone.
In this exhibition titled "The Harmony of Form and Function", we welcome Mr. Shigeru Ban, a Japanese architect who is renowned internationally in interior design and present “The TALIESIN®” series of lighting fixtures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright who is one of the three great masters of modern architecture first time in Europe.
Enjoy the beauty of Wright's masterpiece "TALIESIN®" in a fantastic space designed by Mr. Shigeru Ban.


Maruwa Group Company YAMAGIWA developed the lighting plan for Ghibli Park

Maruwa Group Company YAMAGIWA planned the exterior lighting across 10 construction zones of Ghibli Park opened in November 2022.
The Northern Entrance Area is where visitors who arrived by Linimo (formally the Aichi Rapid Transit Tobu Kyuryo Line) will first enter the park through the main gate, luring them into the world of Ghibli Park.
Custom designed street lamps made of cast iron are installed on the walls lining both sides of the path to the Elevator Tower.

A new plant to be built in Miharu (Fukushima Prefecture) for production of semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Scheduled for completion in 2024

A new plant to be built in Toki for the production of automobile equipment

Scheduled for completion in June 2023