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Multilayer Chip Beads (Signal Line)

Multilayer Chip Beads (Signal Line)


Signal Line
They are developed to have wide impedance charactristic ranges for surface mount from impedance elements to troidal chips. They have high reliability due to monolithic structure with inorganic materials. Closed magnetic circuit configuration avoids crosstalk, and is suitable for high density mounting. Resistance elements (R) are used as impedance characetristics, therefore it is possible to attenuate noise by inserting in series on noise conduction path. Nickel and tin plated barrier terminals offer good solderability and resistance to soldering heat. To meet requirements in various situations, these chip beads use four different resistance elements (R), and come in sizes from 1608 to 2012.


Noise control for DC power lines of mobile phones, the digital video equipments (TV/VTR/DVD), computers/peripheral equipments, automotive electronics, and printer/FAX, etc.

Equivalent circuit

Signal Line


  • Signal Line
  • Unit: ㎜
    Type L W T C(min.)
    N1608ZL 1.6±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.1
    N2012ZL 2.0±0.2 1.25±0.2 0.9±0.2 0.3
    N1608Z 1.6±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.1
    N2012Z 2.0±0.2 1.25±0.2 0.9±0.2 0.3
    N1608ZA 1.6±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.1
    N2012ZA 2.0±0.2 1.25±0.2 0.9±0.2 0.3
    N2012ZA252 2.0±0.2 1.25±0.2 1.25±0.2 0.3
    N1608ZE 1.6±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.8±0.15 0.1
    N2012ZE 2.0±0.2 1.25±0.2 0.9±0.2 0.3

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