The company is supported by various stakeholders, and while it aims for profit growth, its business activities could not exist if they were not approved by society. Compliance is the foundation that supports the company’s honest business activities, and the profits that the company totals up must all be backed by compliance. The most important things, we believe, are to improve our corporate ethos through disciplined and ethical behavior on the part of each and every one of us, and to build sound working environments and good relationships with the stakeholders around us. Accordingly, we have compiled MARUWA’s basic approaches regarding compliance into a Compliance Manual, which has been drawn up as a common code of conduct for the MARUWA Group in Japan and overseas. The Compliance Manual has been distributed to group employees and is being made generally known and enforced on a rigorous basis.


The compliance committee under the direct control of the president supports and guides MARUWA's employees and directors to act in awareness of compliance. Persons in charge of each division and subsidiary are appointed as compliance officer also in charge of compliance. They support and guide the implementation of compliance at each division or subsidiary to maintain the compliance system of the MARUWA Group in cooperation with the compliance committee.

Compliance Issues

  • 1. Respect for human rights
  • 2. Compliance with anti-trust law and relevant laws and regulations
  • 3. Prohibition of insider trading
  • 4. Proper information management
  • 5. Prohibition of bribery
  • 6. Prohibition of acts constituting conflicts of interest
  • 7. Compliance with various business laws and regulations
  • 8. Security trade controls
  • 9. Import and export procedures
  • 10. Respect for intellectual property rights
  • 11. Appropriate use of IT systems
  • 12. Disassociation with antisocial organizations
  • 13. Environmental protection
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