Involvement in Local Communities

Willing to keep a good relationship with local communities, MARUWA Group supports cultural and artistic activities and environmental activities.

Activities for Culture and Arts

MARUWA Christmas Concert

MARUWA Christmas Concert

This concert is held in December every year under MARUWA auspices at Seto-city, the place of its founding. This free concert started out in 2008 because we would like to do something concerning cultural activities in return for constant kindness supports from our shareholders.


We support artists who have burning passion and big dreams. Through our Fundación, we support the cultivation of young flamenco artists and contribute to activities popularizing the splendidness of flamenco.

Kanbe Foundation Inc.

The Kanbe Foundation aims to cultivate global artists in the fields of ceramics and lighting. The Foundation provides funding to support these artists in carrying out their research and creative work, and seeks to discover and honor excellent emerging artists by holding exhibitions and competitions featuring ceramics and lighting work.

Kanbe Foundation Inc.eɥ

Activities for Environmental Protection

Association of the Village of Firefly in Jokoji

Out of sympathy for the activities of the Association of the Village of Firefly in Jokoji, which carries out preservation of a village wood where fireflies live, we have donated a piece of land in our possession (roughly 16,000 m2 in area) to Seto-city. Close to 10,000 people visit this wood every year to see the fascination of the fireflies' dreamlike glows.

Ecocap activities

Ecocap is a campaign to sort out plastic bottle caps for separate collection. It was begun by the NPO Ecocap Movement to promote recycling and curb CO2 generation. It further involves activities to deliver vaccines to children in developing countries around the world by means of the proceeds from sales of bottle caps. In support of these activities, we have set up bottle cap collection boxes in the dining halls at our Toki, Seto, Naoetsu and Kasugayama Plants. The fiscal year 2011, some 200,000 bottle caps were collected via these boxes and delivered to Ecocap Movement.

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